Paperwork and Red Tape

March saw a flying visit for me to tie up some loose ends prior to our “break in construction” and to make sure I knew what was needed for Law 306 (I think I started stressing about Law 306 2 years ago, and still no end). I had a few misgivings about the break and a bit of  a panic that maybe I should have just continued straight through. Still, the reasons were still there – the economy, we need to get Law 306 through for our tax exhonerations, the dollar to the pound and that I have a lot to focus on in my UK businesses. Anyway, everyone had booked their holidays!!

The next couple of months were spent frustratingly absent, my hair turning greyer as more and more info was asked for. How many screws did we need (good grief). More detailed drawings were required, even of the constructions already completed. What was good enough for the local authority wasn’t good enough for “Intur.”  And then there was the case of the disappearing lawyer. He had told me he was going on holiday, not that he was moving to the States!! Nice of him to let me know!! I don’t have luck with lawyers over here. Anyway, it turns out that the documents were handed over to another lawyer who has been asissting admirably with the hellish paperwork

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