My Dad Visits

I ‘m really made up that my Dad has decided to visit the project – I wanted him to see that I’m not completely crazy! The first night we met up with Ben and Matt and ate in the best steak /beef place  – rivalled only by Argentina. Most excitingly, I have since discovered where I can source the meat (thank you Pablo). I then went to a party with live bands, lovely friends and endless rum .

Then it was off to Morgan’s Rock . I haven’t been for a few months and was interested to see how things were under a new General Manager. Things didn’t start well. I had requested one of the easier access roms for my Dad as he can’t walk very far. We had a confirmation but on arrival were told that it had been given up to someone else. I had to kick up quite a bit of a fuss until a satisfactory solution had been found which consisted of a bumpy 10 minute ride around the back of house route to an alternative room until the room required was vacated. I have to say that the food (a disappointment the other times I have been) was improved but they have had the same menu for 2 years. One thing I realised by having an elderly (sorry Dad) parent is that access routes are important as is good lighting at night and we have to have communication between the rooms – this was much realised when my Dad fell ill. Apart from the rooms and the illness, and the lack of appearance of the manager, the staff were lovely, the setting and, of course the architecture fantastic.

Back in Granada and Pablo kindly drove us and Kathy who lives in the apartment above me to a local restaurant with the most stunning view over Laguna Apoyo where we ate delicious lake fish. Later we met with Matthew for yet more food at the Medittaraneo, run by my friend Nuria who sold me the other (still not registered) island.

Our penultimate day ws an island day – I met with Matthew, Ben and Matt early in the morning for a lenghthy trip to talk over the way forward. Then it was back to lunch (my life revolves around food!) followed by an afternoon trip with my Dad. How exciting – they had started to fill up the pool. It is going to look fabulous.

The day ended with a meal at my favourite “Jardin del Orion” with Dad Kathy and Pablo, followed by karaoke and partying (minus my Dad!) with too little sleep before having to leave for the plane. It was all too short….

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