Hitting the ground running

oh my gosh it's real!

oh my gosh it's real!

I arrive on Wednesday evening after a 17 odd hour journey, shower, change and off I go to eat and meet a few friends. I don’t get to bed until late and hardly sleep due to noisy aircon and over excitement. Thursday and I’m back on the phone to continue the processes started when I left.  (No, nothing happened in my absence) Will I ever get a bank account??!

I went to the island with Ben. Whilst I had been tracking the progress with regular email updates and pictures, it was incredible and exciting to see it in real life. Oh my – it IS real life. What am I doing? I thought it was just a dream!

Later that evening, I meet with Francois to talk about the kitchen plans and equipment. I like what I see. I liked what I ate too. We went over to Marco’s and ate a yummy meal of Spaghetti and meatballs (Italian cooked by a Frenchman for Enlgish and Nicaraguans!). After a few glasses of good wine and good conversatin, I realised how tired I was, went home and collapsed int a deep sleep.

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