It appears we are open!

My long suffering friends (yes they are that here as well as in the UK) helped me out by being guinea pigs prior to our first paying guests. They test – drove the pool, the food, the ambiance, pointed out the still protruding nails, the wobbly boards and the things the construction crew left behind. There was no ribbon cutting, no big party, just a gentle welcoming of guests. First a trickle and then a flood as I offered local residents the deal of a lifetime to get the ball rolling and get everyone used to the day to day machinations of a hotel. And it appears we’re open!

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  1. Joshua Olson says:

    Hi Karen,

    My bride and I are going to be visiting your island for our honeymoon later this year. We’re really excited as neither of us have ever been to Nicaragua, and we love the vision you have for your resort. We love the sustainability, and even more, we are excited that you are involved in the local community working with children and schools.

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting us share in your dream. Looking forward to it very much.

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