The smuggler, or the day I was a yoga mat mule.

I have been told many many times that it is difficult to import into Nicaragua with things hanging around and disappearing from customs, never mind the import duties, so the idea was simple:

I fill up some large holdalls with my Eco Yoga mats specially bought from the UK, along with various other items – games, Tea pots, chopsticks, bottles for shampoo and soap, salt and pepper pots etc. Oh my the weight. And thank you BA. I have to say that one bag was so heavy the conveyor wasn’t able to move it! Would they put it on the next plane or would the baggage handlers strike due to dangerous work?

Well, the bags and I make it to Managua and I load my trolley up high and watch many many hapless¬† people get turned back to be given the search and tax treatment by customs. I feigned an absolute ignorance of the Spanish language (mind you that’s not far off) and when asked (in English ) what was in my bags I did a sun salutation to help in the description.¬† And the moral of e story? Act crazy and they wave you through!

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