and suddenly I’m in Costa Rica

Friday night and Andrea says – wouldn’t it be a good idea for me to go to Costa Rica and see what they had to offer in the way of kitchen /dining purchases. So, I go home after dinner and pack and the next morning am picked up at 8am to do the famous border crossing (I’ve heard many 6 hours at the border stories).

In reality the border isn’t that bad at all. I can see that it could be daunting, especially if you get stuck behind a busload but it probably took us around an hour to get through. 6 hours from leaving my apartment and I’m eating lunch by the beach at Harmony Hotel in Nosara.

Just the sound  and smell of the sea immediately relaxes me and I settle into a pleasurable weekend of RandR along with some PR and a look behind the scenes. Jose and Sylvia look after me very well indeed.

Monday and I fly into San Jose and meet up with Andrea to do some more shopping. Silverware is purchased, counted and packed into a suitcase. Andrea, myself and Karen who is the owner of Lapa Rios go to dinner. It’s really fascinating to speak with Karen -Lapa Rios was the first upscale eco lodge and the inspitation behind many and it has remained true to this day. It makes me realise I have a way to go. It’s late by my (nesw) standards (10.30 pm) when I finally turn in at Finca Rosa Blanca

Rainy cold Tuesday in Costa Rica and I manage to read a book inbetween my two meetings. The best sorts of meetings – interesting enjoyable company over good food! The first with Mike who found me through this very site, who has been through everything I have and more, running a very high end eco hotel in the Bahamas and is now working in Costa Rica – thank you Mike for your stories information and ideas. The next with Wilhelm from Costa Rican Trails – always a pleasure.

Wednesday and a breakfast meeting with Hans and Diedre to talk about PR. Also round the table is the owner of Finca Rosa Blanca who is part of the team running I International conference about sustainable tourism. Looks like I’ll be back next week.

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