It's Christmas!

…and what a joy to hit the sunshine and heat. A double joy is that the UK shuts down over Xmas and New Year, so I had a couple of weeks of not having to rise at 6am and was able to relax and enjoy my double life. Xmas consisted of Xmas dinner on Xmas Eve and then a trip to the beach on Xmas day. Boxing day and I picked up my cousin’s partner from San Juan Del Sur and gave him a whirlwind tor of Granada, the Island and the surrounding countryside. Mathhew the architect got married on the 28th – with no electricity and a freak rainstorm and the BEST party! Allegedly the bride had to ride back to the hotel in the back of a pick-up – unfortunately there’s no photographic evidence. The following day, an old friend of a friend arrived with her friend for a holiday in Nicaragua, so there was another show-off trip to the island which gathered many others on the way. What a great way to spend the Xmas break –  a bit of light relief after a gruelling end of year at work in London.

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