Hans and I depart for Managua to meet with Matthew in his workshop and go through our many suggestions and findings. Matthew takes it all on board and then to the drawing board. We check out one of his “pre-fab” designs before lunch and after a quick visit from the lawyers. The words on everyone’s lips are COSTS and BUDGETS. Am I really that crazy that I still have no idea what all this is going to cost me??!! Yes! Another make or break – if this has gone over my original budget, I’m in trouble!

I see Hans off at the airport, do some shopping (my fridge here is now fuller than the one in the UK which only ever contains booze and condiments!) and return to the apartment.

I meet with Nadine and Lily (who owns the apartment) and we go for a curry and sangria at the Tercer Ojo where the owner treats us to after dinner shots and an introduction to a great masseusse – appointment booked! Then off to karaoke again – anyone would think I liked it – I don’t, I like watching othere people making fools of themselves! Well, there was this one girl – probably about 17, a bit hippy looking, very shy and unassuming and I swear, the most incredible voice I have ever heard, the hairs stood up on my arms. She said she has never had any training, just a musical family. I gave her my card as I’ve got to know someone that could discover her – I hope she emails rather than thinking I was just some drunk old woman talking shit!!

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