A typical day

5.45 am – get up, put the coffee on (doing some research on the best variety). Check UK mails. Shower. Back to the computer for UK work and check in with the early birds in Costa Rica.

8.30 am to 9ish – Claudia (administration) and now Fabio (her husband and Tour Guide) arrive.

9.30 qm – either – meet in the Garden Cafe for a trip to the island where I go between awe and terror for a couple of hours. OR – stuck at the computer chasing down beaurocracy, swearing a lot, in between speaking to the UK / doing emails. OR in a car on a never ending trip / search for fixtures and fittings in markets, stores, shopping centres.

Lunchtime – usually whilst on the move or for a  treat El Garaje or the Garden Cafe or leftovers if I’ve cooked.

Either computer work, more shopping, afternoon island trip, meeting with suppliers, more swearing, a feeling of impossibility, hassle Matthew and Ben. Time is running away.

6pm (ish) – thoughts of going to the gym have evaporated into  the need to slump on the sofa and usually continue working on the computer, catching up with stuff I left earlier.  Making long long lists of things that need to be attended to (Lists are good – they calm me). This time with a beer or glass of wine. Whip up some pasta, watch some mind numbing TV and bed by 10.

What happened to the party girl? Has she grown up?

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  1. Martin says:

    Go Karen!
    Good luck for your grand opening.
    (Love your blog, I thought it was about time I left a comment)
    Happy Solstice from us both.

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