Shopping, stressing, rollercoaster

I arrived back and as usual arranged an immediate trip out to the Island which took me on a ride to the top of the rollercoaster. It is going to look magnificent. The planting that has been done really shows it off, things appear to be coming along at a fair pace (as I need it to be to have any chance of opening any time in December (December 42nd currently…)).

That night it was Kim’s birthday and I did what any sensible person recovering from a long haul flight and day that began at 6am would do – went out and had some fun(rather too much I think!). There was dancing on the bar(not me) and everything!

This led, nor suprisingly the next day the downhill rollercoaster ride. I had so much to do on a thick head, including, after working in the early hours UK style, an all day trip to markets, supermarkets, wholesalers, computer shops in a desperate attempt to find more stuff. Hot bothered and frustrated.

Finally, our kitchen arrived, along with all the things we asked to either cancel or to be delivered to another address for safekeeping. And then the penny dropped. After being given architect’s plans, coming over, measuring, checking and agreeing the plans, they still managed to send the wrong sized equipment. So, I had to watch as walls were knowcked down, at the same time as the finish on the outside of the pool was being chippped away as it would dissolve into the water. CRASH!

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