finds me updating this whilst watching the Liverpool Man U game.

The last couple of days have had meĀ  pretty much stuck to the computer – keeeping in touch with the UK, purchasing (how am I going to get 36 yoga mats and 12 salt and pepper grinders back from London?!), researching etc. It’s never ending.

2 pretty amazing things have happened in between computer time:

1) Allegedly my other Island is now registered – a phonecall, a meeting, a parting of cash and the papers appeared within a couple of hours – I’m not sure if I quite believe it.

2) Whilst meeting with Sarah who helps with a charity that helps keep kids off the streets and rehabilitates drug addicts / ex cons and runs a workshop where the kids make really cool items from Jicaro that I would like for the hotel, I’m introduced to Dee who mentions an English couple who run a BandB here. I take it on myself to call in to see Beccy and Owen – from North London (damned gooners though). Owen has worked in Camden for years, knows all the pubs I go to, including the Dartmouth that I live next to and believe it or not, we have the same osteopath – hi Claire! It’s a ridiculously small world.

My intentions for the rest of the day is to take in the sun if it’s still out and go out with some friends in the evening (is that a good idea? I’ve been in bed before 10 most nights and I’ve got an early start tomorrow – must not drink too much!).

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