An interesting cab ride

At this point can any family members stop reading.

The way cabs work her is that you hail a rickety tin can held together with tape. There maybe other people in it. If there’s not, there probably soon will be. You tell the driver where you’re going and after driving around dropping the previous passangers off, usually driving back past where you picked him (never seen a her taxi driver) up, you finally reach your destination (late) for a princely sum of around 30p.

On this occasion, I picked up a cab with one other passenger. We drove deep into the heart of a barrio – no idea where, dirt tracks (it was daylight I hasten to add) , pulled up and stopped in a “driveway” of someones home. Engine off, the cab driver and passenger jumped out, were joined by someone else and whilst I waited patiently in the back seat, they proceeded to load the boot (trunk) with bales of hay. Once loaded, off we went , round some back streets and to my destination. For those family members still reading, I have to say that at no time did I feel scared or threatened, just amused – it’s just the way things are here.

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