I’m back!

The last month or so has flown by in a mixture of super busy at Key Production (which can only be a good thing in this day and age), a super busy social life (a bad thing at my age!) and a bit of panic about the progress at Jicaro – no reason for this apart from distance. It’s so hard to have a real idea of progress through emails and generally being so far away and wrapped up in other things.

So, here I am  and here I’ll stay until the hotel is fully finished, open and running like a dream. (Well, I’ll have to pop back to the UK for a week or so but that’s it).

I’m staying in the rather lovely Condominions Xalteva – a luxury apartment with plenty of room for me to store any supplies we have coming in. I decided to get a place on my own as I don’t think I’ll be very pleasant to live with as the end date looms! (Plus, this is what I’ve been used to for so long.)

I’ve also decided I might try to Twitter my progress to help plug the gaps between blogs. I’m new to it so haven’t quite worked it out yet. I’ll be Karennicaragua@gmail.com.

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