Disappointed from London (but not surprised)

so, it was with excitement and trepidation that i visited the island after about a 6 week break. I had been told that there would be 2 cabins up for me – not fully formed but all the same I was expectant after seeing the progress that had been made previously. For some reason when I was in the UK I had a bit of a sense of forboding in my gut, not helped by the figures just not adding up (it’s ok folks -panic over – seemingly I’m the one that can’t add up). I don’t know, I think I was so made up last time, I could almost predict my disappontment. And there it was – no cabins – 2 bases and the wood arriving on a twice daily basis, another team of carpenters arriving, but not what I was expecting at all. This probably clouded what has been achieved – the kitchen is beginning to look like one, the spa is looking great, I have a beach (a baby beach but a beach all the same) and there’d been a lot of planting as well as a plethora of other work. Anyway, I made my feelings very clear and it’s full steam ahead if only the damn rain would hold off. I really need to see a lot of progress  for next week when Cayuga get here.  We’re on tight budget and time deadlines now so suddenly everything is a lot more serious and real.

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