Meeting the Vice President

Since New Year I have spent some time with Amanda, Mitch and Pablo. Amanda and Mitch are also building a hotel with a spa in the centre of Granada and hope to have it ready “next week” Pablo is their manager -and full of useful information and contacts. I took them to see the island – it had been several months since they’s last visited and they were satisfyingly impressed! I feel like a proud mother when I show people around!  We also went for a visit to the other side of the lake where there are hot springs, via cacao and plantain plantations and up to an amazing view – one way over Mombacho and one overlooking the islands. What an amazing day trip that would be for my guests. On our way back down we drank sweet cups of coffee that had been picked and dried right there.

One evening we all went to a “Canatour” event where not only did the lovely Marie Isabel win an award (and quite deservedly!), but Pablo did the honour of introducing me to everyone he knew which turns out to be quite a number of interesting and important people, including (drumroll please) the Vice President of Nicaragua. That was an evening not to be forgotten.

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