Wise words of Hans

Within minutes of his arrival Hans had paid for his trip. He suggested that we leave the back of house until the project was underway and make do with what we have. We’ll have to send out the laundry and buy a bus to transport the workers, not an ideal situation but it saves money in the short term – music to my ears! The spa as a seperate entity will also have to wait but we might be able to resurrect it onto the island in some form. My latest flight of fancy was to build treatment rooms up the water tower – I can dream! So, really it’s back to our original plans. It’s a shame things didn’t work out with Edgar’s land and Island but 10 years is too short a time for a lease and the figures are looking a great deal healthier – thankfully – as I am losing money at a rate of knots due to the dollar to pound exchange rate.

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