Did I say progress?

so, the blog stopped abruptly as it was going so well and I didn’t have much to say. Ha, silly me. It then didn’t continue as everything started falling apart (bit dramatic, but still…) This is my second trip since my creative juices stopped flowing. In a nutshell, I decided to put spa island on hold due to cost implications (Don’t get me wrong, I would love to do it, I just need to reign things in a bit).  I then tried to renegotiate on the mainland as a 10 year contract just isn’t enough. Edgar gave me 15 year proposal, which quite frankly is inconceivable – the costs would render the project impossible. So, I have to look at other possibilities. This now holds up applying to the environmental agency for permissions, and a host of other stuff – aarrggh. It was going too well!

Couple all of this with the global economy falling apart and you can imagine what a “fun time” I’ve been having. Time in the UK has been rounds of bank managers, trying to persuade them to release MY equity (bloody hell, it belongs to me – why can’t I have it) in arduous deals that involves pulling apart my life and businesses. It’s been dull and frustrating. Hopefully when I get back this time, I’ll have some deals in place – thanks to Gordon Brown nationalising a couple of banks, they may start lending again.

Anyway, I have a busy few days ahead – Hans is arriving tomorrow and we have stacks to get through (if we can dodge the rain and mosis). Watch this space…

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