Some welcome diversions disguised as work

First off was a visit with Evan to the owner of the land across the lake from my island, at the foot of Mombacho volcano. My, it’s beautiful. We took a long walk in unspoilt rainforrest looking at ancient petroglyphs and strange clearings (imagining witch’s covens), past 4 troups of howler monkeys, tiger eagles, contless butterflies and other birds. It was truly spectacular and would make a fabulous half day trip for the guests. I was also really pleased with myself at being able to understand a good part of the commentry in Spanish (it was spoken slowly and I had to concentrate really hard!)

Next, a trip to San Juan Del Sur (feeling not great having been clubbing with Jen the night before) to meet up with Glen and Sunshine and talk spa budgets. They have a house also designed by Matthew in the most beautiful peaceful place, close to secluded and surfing beaches. So, we talked figures (looking , well not brilliant but not bad at all, certainly good enough to go ahead – phew!), went to the beach, ate and slept!

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