Rain and my first bribe

It started at around 4pm yesterday afternoon. It is now 11.15am and the only change is a variation in intensity from I can’t see in front of me to I’m drenched if I step outside my door.  You think it rains a lot in England, well I can tell you, you have seen NOTHING – light drizzle compared to this. And with the rain come the mosquitos. Anyone who know me knows that I am a delicious dish when it comes to those hellish bloodsuckers.

 2.30pm. Turns out it’s not just rain. Hurricane Alma has hit the West coast of Nicaragua, People  are being evacuated, schools have shut in Managua, 50 – 70mm rain have fallen on Managua / Leon already. It could be a terrible National disaster. Let’s pray for the best.

As an aside, I would love someone to explain to me why there is gallons of water falling from the sky but none coming out of the taps. What a place!

Anyway, today I partook in my first “bribe”. I had to jump in a lawyers car at 7am with my $300 in my paws in the hope that he can persuade someone to plead my case to get the other island registered into my name. Hopefully a small price to pay, as long as the fee doesn’t suddenly increase beyond limits which I have a feeling it will do.

Somehow I predict that today will be spent with my trusty computer wondering if the rain will ever stop.

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