Managua and the frustrations of Nicaragua

The following couple of days spent fighting on dangerously overcrowded buses  with the driver constantly shouting down his mobile to and from Managua, not acheiving a lot. Well, something I suppose. Biggest thing acheived was negotiating a deal with Edgar that I think we can both live with for the rental of the mainland and the neighbouring island.  Most frustrating was all the hanging around for meetings and waiting for offices to open after lunch only to be told that my police record is now out of date by one month so my residency has to wait until I reapply in the UK for an updated record (6-8 weeks – how ironic that it only takes a couple of days to get this here in a developing country!). Luckily I haven’t done anything untoward between then and now!!

So, it has become neccesary to start the ball rolling on the financial mountains here. I need to set up a bank account which requires various approvals, documents, letter from my UK bank, personal references from people here,etc etc. (Hang on, I want to bring money into the country – what is the problem with that??!!). Step 1 is to meet with the accountant – guess what, she’s on holiday. Aargghh – maybe her daughter can help? Maybe we can find an alternative? The time to achieve all my goals of this trip is running away. I have to keep remembering that I am in Central America where nothing is rushed, time has no meaning and I need to get this done NOW is a sentance that is not understood. Part of the rich tapestry of life!

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