Hans arrives

As the title suggests, Hans from Cayuga  arrives (www.cayugaonline.com). This is make or break. He has been looking at the budgets and now has to see if the island and design and all of the ideas behind it are feasible. I must admit to being a bit nervous. Sometimes it’s hard to look at something so close to you objectively. So, myself, Hans, Matthew and Ben go out to the island. Although the weather (here we go again!) threatens a storm of torrential proportions, we manage to stay dry.

 I’ve got walls! And a path. And our first cabin (well, it’s a shack really, for the on duty guard). Oh my, this is when reality strikes!

Unfortunately the local workers got the wrong end of the stick when asked to clear some shrubbery and went to their traditional slash and burn method. Luckily nothing was too badly damaged and the land will recover. They  have been told in no uncertain terms that this is not how we are doing things – a learning curve indeed.

I break the news to Matthew that the spa island will need a total redesign which doesn’t unnerve him one little bit (well, not outwardly anyway!) and we talked through some ideas. I got back to the appartment at around 7pm, thoroughly exhausted. I think Hans is pleased with the situation and size and general layout – phew. We arrange to meet early the next morning in order that he can feel the ambiance in the morning.

I get a takeout BBQ chicken, watch some crap tv (just like a night in in the UK) and turn in early.

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