Back to my apartment. Nearly didn’t make it (again). This time it was American Eagle (part of American Airlines, not Mickey Mouse airlines). They loaded up our plane, then said due to the weight and inbalance of the aircraft, 2 people had to get off. No one shifted. So, they took off anyway – I (and everyone else) was just a little scared!!

Sunday was marvellous, lounging by the pool all day. I was expecting to have a head to head with Ben and Matt (ok to keep this simple, the architect is Matthew, the Project Manager’s assistant is Matt!) but it can wait until tomorrow.

¬†Unfortunately, Matt has had to rush back to the US as he has a serious eye infection that needs immediate treatment and they aren’t as well equipped here to deal with it despite the fact the hospitals are very good.

¬†I went out to karaoke (no I did NOT sing, I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone!) and drank rather too much rum! Welcome back!!

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