Spa Talk

I leave the UK in the middle of a hot spell – 28 degreesĀ  – scorchio! We went from winter to summer without going via spring. Shame really, I rather like spring, but then I’m not complaining about the heat! (I just realised – how very English of me to go on about the weather!!)

Anyway, a welcome piece of research takes me to the BVIs and Virgin Gorda to visit Glen at Sense, the Rosewood Spa in Little Dix Bay. Glen and his wife Sunshine welcome me like old friends. We talk spas, treatment rooms, treatments, personnel, futures. Here we go again, how do I break it to Matthew that whilst the plans for the spa look beautiful, they are far from practical so it’s back to the drawing board, literally. Glen and Sunshine had proposed to be in Nicaragua at the same time as me but their plans have fallen through – a real shame as I wanted them to meet with Hans who is strictly anti-spa. Anyway, after a few days of lapping it all up (I obviously had to try the treatments!), I am on my way back to Granada.

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